I Feel Prolific

I just touched up and uploaded over 100 house numbers and points of interest from my backlog of geodata. I edited the unprocessed Keypad Mapper 3 data from February and March in JOSM, mostly just moving the nodes onto the center of the house using Bing aerial imagery and using control+shift+v to paste in the street, city, country, etc. address information that remains relatively constant if you work in a line. I did encounter and report a bug in JOSM when adding properties to a node without any. I worked around that by using control+shift+v. I still have April through August to process, but I don’t recall any collection walks as long as the one in March, so it may go faster. It’s time to move on to other things today, but it’s great to start off feeling (as Isaac Asimov described himself as an author) prolific.

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