The Future of Programming

I have read that children are far more capable than adults at learning languages. I value being able to communicate with machines pretty highly, so I’ve set an arbitrary goal of teaching my children to program by age three. It seems like the most popular way to teach children to code is with Scratch or a derivative. While searching and reading about that, I stumbled across Catrobat Pocket Code. I think this is the future of programming. For many people, smartphones are either the only general purpose computer available or the most available general purpose computer.

I just wrote a simple glide-and-change-the-picture-on-touch application as a hello world and am excited. I how that hitherto successful libre projects such as Mozilla and GNU start to take mobile more seriously. I hear view source is in the works for Fennec and that’s a great move in the right direction. Now to just suggest to F-Droid that they include Catrobat Pocket Code and Pocket Paint, although it looks like an Iceweasel style renaming may be required.

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