Featured on Hacker Public Radio

This fall I wrote a script to find random libre licensed songs on Jamendo (as opposed to what I’ve started calling the “fractional freedom” -NC and -ND licenses). Downloading 35 songs, I listened to them during my commute.  Leaving the ones I thought I would enjoy listening to again marked as unread, I made several passes through the list. The final cut left only 8 songs, for an acceptance rate of 23%. I added introductions and stitched them together during ConleyCon 6 in San Diego, using the Sound Recorder application on my phone and Audacity on my laptop. Hacker Public Radio episode 1928, was published on the Web about a week after ConleyCon 6! I wish I had known a little more ahead of time exaxtly what to include (Title, Author, Source, License) in the show notes and how I could input them, but Klaatu of HPR helped fill them out my fumbling first time and now I know what to do for the next edition!

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