Moving to Electrum

I think Bitcoin is cool. I bought one bitcoin for $20 back in 2011 and have been living off of it ever since. Just kidding. I’ve only bought a few donuts with it so far (at Rise), and I’ve also bought some additional milliBitcoins since then. I’m very happy with the Bitcoin Wallet application on my phone. When I got back from my first Bitcoin purchase, I thought to myself though, “Gee, won’t it be neat when I don’t have to carry a wallet around because I can pay for everything I want from my phone. But that might make losing my phone pretty disastrous.” So I don’t stash my entire Bitcoin savings on my phone.

Back in 2011 I used the mainline Bitcoin application on my Linux laptop and was happy. These days though, the blockchain is some 2GB and I don’t really feel like keeping that updated on my laptop’s solid state (faster but shorter lifetime) drive. So I looked at how the wallet application on my phone works, using Simplified Payment Verification, and looked around for something that could do the same without depending on Dalvik. Electrum came up in my search. In the meantime I had deleted the 2GB block chain from bitcoin-qt, so it wouldn’t start. So I used PyWallet to extract the private keys from my wallet file and import them into Electrum. Here was the command.

for k in $(python ../../pywallet/ --dumpwallet | sed -nr 's/.*"sec": "(.*)",/\1/p'); do
  ./electrum importprivkey $k